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Our mission is simple, we want to create chocolate bars that are truly different, made with care and sustainability in mind. 

Introducing  Cox&Co.    A  range  of  single-origin,  farm-to-bar  cacao  blended  with  complimentary  superfoods  to  give you a truly unique chocolate that places taste and sustainability at the heart of everything we do. 



"Our Goal is to create chocolate that you can feel good about enjoying" Gavin Cox, Founder 





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Superfood ingredients 



Coconut and chia seed

First eaten by the Aztecs, the ancient grain Chia has a myriad of health benefits that include being an excellent source of omega-3, as well as being naturally high in protein and calcium. Paired with the nuttiest coconut, the balanced flavours make for a truly unique and indulgent bar of chocolate. 

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Bee pollen and honey 

The benefits of Bee pollen are certainly causing a buzz, as it’s naturally nutritionally dense and packed with eighteen vitamins including a B complex, amino acids, fatty acids, enzymes, and is at least 25% protein. Combined with the natural sweetness of honey, this bar is packed with golden nuggets of goodness. 


cacao nibs

Raw cacao is the superhero of chocolate, and has bundles of health benefits. Raw cacao and flavonoid-rich chocolate have 3 times the anti-oxidant levels than blueberries, and we all know that chocolate makes both head and heart feel better... If there were ever a need to love chocolate even more.


You can find Cox&Co. at all the lovely coffee shops, independents and stores listed below; as well as online at Montrose Chocolate